12 September 2009

The Kitty Poem

Light and Airy as an uncompromised heart

You sleep like a rock, fur disguised as such
I feel you respond to my touch -with a purrrrrr

Looking up, eyes full of fear and wonder
You are tough, you could have survived out there, you dont need no body

But now as fear melts away with each plate of tuna, we connect.

I am your protector now,
Each little soft as silk hair is my responsibility.

You may be flea bitten and wild,

but your tender soul knows its safe.

Poop the smell of fairy farts - Little claws poised for destruction
...and yet...
The aggressiveness of age has not touched you tiny backbone,
..it is still soft.

Little lump,
I will wash you in kisses,
little toothpick-like bones hold you together,
my blankets keep you warm.

You call upon me when you have hunger,

I attempt to translate, the universal language of mother and child

Baby puss puss, it will not be like this forever,
but as long as your steel slated eyes look up to me with affection-
I guarantee you all of my love and protection.

It's a big world for a tender soul - I'm glad we could meet
and give each other warmth, for a second, from the cold street.