29 September 2009

An Email from my Anarchist Friend


From the warms of the sun and the heat of the fire in southern California, to just outside New York and rain. I contemplate too much, philosophize too much, try to figure out too much, feel too much, love too much, i fall for girls too much, i want to kiss too many girls, i want to fall in love with them all,

i want too much, i want to make too many films, about my struggles, your struggles, my brother and sisters struggle, too many ideas go through my head, i dont want to fall asleep tonight but stay awake and just write down ideas that squat my head,

i want to go back to chile for a couple of months and track down a brother i have never met, he is a fisherman who has his own boat, i want to fish of the coast of Chile, i want to live, i want to build my own house, grown my own food, and feed this hunger i have that never seems to be satisfied.

Germany? Are you working on a family farm? Someone just told me the warming of the planet has made it possible for Germany to grow different types of grapes it was unable to grow before. Where in Germany are you going to work? When are you going? You temp me, maybe i should go to Germany?

I hope you are kicking ass, but i don't think i should hope, because i bet you just are : )

I was at an Anarcha LA meeting and this woman asked, or posed the question as to what are we all looking for? What draws us to this meeting? To wanting to do something? To change? To Anarchy?...

You wrote me once that it was that anarchist community that brought you to anarchy.

Where we all searching for something too? What made us all come to Pittsburgh for XXXXX?

I think we all are searching for something, many before us have walked these steps and contemplated and lived, fought and died for these ideas.

It is some sort of universal truth that people stumble upon and it creates a hunger for more? And want to be a part of it, in its many manifestations? And create it, if it is not there? Because it needs to be, because it just is.

I think it is. I think we have tapped into something.

it is like a river that flows through us and pushed us forward, like you said before, you were unstoppable and you could not be stop! You. Me. And many more feel this, but what is this?

I think Anarchist, and Revolutionaries have tapped into something, that flows through us, through nature, through the universe, it was never born, it will never die, it is eternal.

It can't be named.

And for lack of a better word we call it the TAO.

It is was flows through us and brings us together to fought, to struggle, a universal truth that just is.

Anarchist are Taoist.
I don't think they know it, or maybe they do?


your friend XXXXX

Life is beautiful