01 October 2009

My Reply to my Anarchist Friend

To my most exuberant XXXXX,

First, check this out:

i liked this article, it kind of is saying what we're saying, you know what im saying?

DONT go to germany, not worth your time, not when Chile is shining so brightly..

We got similar fantasies, you and i.
sometimes i wonder if when you really break everyone, each human, away from this false, constructed world, if they'd too be content to just garden, meditate, converse, and live simply. But then i think about how attached everyone is to their machines, and i dont think it could ever be.

Fishing the coast of Chile, building your own house, growing your own food, writing...these are all things that your People were doing each day before the struggles, the films, the cities, the Germans...before the world got caught up in each others' business.

What you crave is something people in Chile look down upon, have been told is "backwards" and been shamed for. It is also something that is losing its priority on life's schedule because anything recreational is being pushed further and further below everything financial.

Money has become the why for all actions. Not only the why, but the when. How much and how soon?
This is messed up because money is so trivial in the greater scheme of living a fulfilling life. But more and more, it is becoming a staple, more important than any others: without money you can't purchase, food, water, or shelter.

We are both comfortable, probably have been for the majority of our lives, and hope that we will in the future. Is it not ironic to yearn for the same things that our American-Imperial-Capitalistic legacy, worldview, bubble has been effectively stripping away from your people, all the "Other" people who weren't born into a life like this?

I wonder if they really crave city lights, paying exorbitant rents, and texting? Or they just think they do because thats what advertising has brainwashed them to think?

Who really is truly, happier and is it human nature to always want what you cant have?

Playing the Devil's advocate here because, really, i would love to build a yurt, live off the land, recite poetry, make love, have children, grow old. But that is not my reality. That would, in a way, be a completely constructed (and not to mention, appropriated) environment. Would i be happy? Of course! Would I miss the rush of dashing for the subway and the ritual of conversing at a coffee shop with friends? Most definitely. This is my reality: not some post-civilization, unreachable ideal...maybe what i'm trying to say is there is a time for escaping and a time for participating.

Maybe that's simply a part of being young. Always moving, like a shark. While we still can, right? However, I would like to say that you don't have to change locations physically to migrate mentally, but it can help.

Tribalism? Maybe... But the life of a city is what inspires so much in all of us. It is the organization and purpose for being in such close contact that rubs me wrong.

I am always excited when people amasse downtown for protests, dance parties, rallies Critical Mass, rather than for lame and lifeless activities that involve buying and selling. People together, energies flowing together, mingling and exciting is an amazing thing.

The quality and quantity of energy exchanging and idea bouncing that happens around Anarchist and other Free Thinking Communities is what draws me to them. It is an addiction...once you tap in, as you say.

I think that we need to share it with everyone and then when more and more people tap into cracking the old ideals and chains and weights, then we will be in the cities for bike rides, dance demonstrations, and daydreaming. We will share because we want to hear what others have to think, love or do.

Can't stop, won't stop.

So , vacations and seeing new ways of the world besides your own are good for re-framing your argument by gaining new insight , but i do believe

that the imagining of

a different world: big or small
should be a group project.